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Dear Friends,

A note about reopening… Many of you have been calling to see when Damon’s will re-open for dine-in service. While we’re eager to serve you, the answer is soon but not until toward the end of June. But…there is a silver lining. For those of you who have stopped by for take out (thank you for your support) you noticed the construction. Well, in all honesty, the Damon’s we love was in need of a little TLC and so when the county closed restaurants during the pandemic we decided this was as good a time as any to do some work. That work is moving along nicely and we expect to unveil beautiful new restrooms, booths, and dining chairs for you to enjoy very soon. We hope that when you see the new and improved Damon’s you’ll agree it was worth the short wait. And don’t worry nothing radical going on here. Damon’s will now and always stay loyal to its 1937 Tiki roots and the work we are doing honors that heritage. Between now and when we’re ready to re-open we hope you’ll consider enjoying items from our to-go menu along with a Mai Tai or Chi Chi. Your support has been a life saver and we are so grateful for your standing with Damon’s and our employees through this very difficult time. Psst…One more thing New bathrooms aren’t the only changes in the works. Toward the end of the year you’ll have a new place to enjoy a Damon’s cocktail or throw a private party on our second floor. You didn’t know there was a second floor? Details (and password) coming soon….